The Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 1995 (RIDDOR) requires employers to notify the HSE of over-seven-day injuries but although non-compliance with the regulations is a criminal offence, compliance is low.

The HSE has suggested further amendment to the regulations so that it limits the reports it receives to accidents serious enough to require regulatory action. Current proposals include:

  • Keeping the requirement to report work related deaths (though not suicide on railways)
  • Simplifying what is a "reportable major" injury
  • Removing the requirement to report an injury leading to a visit to hospital - too many are apparently being reported where someone is taken to hospital "just in case" but has not in fact been seriously injured
  • Removing the requirement to report occupational disease unless it results from exposure to a biological agent
  • Limiting reporting for gas incidents to those that are serious
  • Limiting the reporting of dangerous occurrences to those that occur in major hazard industry sectors (e.g. extraction industries, petro-chemical and chemical manufacturing and off-shore oil)

Consultation on the proposals closed on 28 October and final confirmation of the changes being effected is awaited.