The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) issued this week additional resources for Phase I of registration and Sunshine data reporting.  For more information regarding CMS’s two phased approach to registration and data reporting, see the blog posts here and here. Specifically, CMS released the following materials:

  • 30 page PowerPoint titled “Step-by-Step: Industry Data Registration & Data Submission”
  • Sample template for Phase 1 aggregate data submission
  • Six new frequently asked questions related to the registration and data reporting process:
  • 9722 When requesting access to Open Payments, which user role should I select from the dropdown?
  • 9724 Do I need to provide my social security number to get an EIDM account?
  • 9726 What if the automated identity verification function does not work for me?
  • 9728 I am planning on submitting a consolidated report in Phase 2; how is this addressed in Phase 1?
  • 9730 I do not see the yellow “Open Payments” button on the portal. Where is it?
  • 9732 What is the difference between the “officer” and the “authorized official”