The National Football League (NFL) will play its 45th annual championship game, more commonly known as the SUPER BOWL, on Sunday, February 6, 2011. The game will pit the Green Bay Packers against the Pittsburgh Steelers at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas. The SUPER BOWL mark is protected by trademark law, as are the team names, and businesses planning promotions centered around the game should use the SUPER BOWL mark and/or team names cautiously.

The NFL has been extremely aggressive in policing its SUPER BOWL mark. That's why you often see advertisers and media outlets refer to the SUPER BOWL as "the big game." This may be an overly cautious position, as detailed in a Phoenix Business Journal article featuring our partner Emily Bayton. As Ms. Bayton states in the article, businesses can likely use the SUPER BOWL mark and team names to refer to the game, so long as that use does not create the appearance that the promotion or event is affiliated with, licensed by or sponsored by the NFL or the individual teams.

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