The federal district court in the District of Columbia unsealed a civil forfeiture complaint filed by the Department of Justice, in which the Department sought the forfeiture of approximately $1.5 million in funds allegedly traceable to bribes made by a Canadian energy company to Chad’s ambassador to the United States and Canada.  See Complaint, United States v. All Funds Up To and Including $1,474,517 in Interbank Accounts, No. 14-cv-01178 (D.D.C. July 8, 2014) (ECF No. 3).  According to the complaint, in 2011, Griffiths Energy International (“Griffiths”) transferred approximately $2 million to an account controlled by the ambassador’s wife in exchange for the ambassador exercising his influence over certain oil development rights in Chad. Subsequently, that money was commingled with other funds and laundered through a variety of financial transactions, with about $1.5 million ultimately being wired to the ambassador’s account at a South African bank with interbank accounts in the United States. Griffiths pleaded guilty to violating the Canadian Corruption of Foreign Public Officials Act in 2013 but has not been charged with a violation of the FCPA.