A fashion model sued Trump Model Management LLC (yes that Trump) for failing to pay her actual wages. Alexia Palmer, a Jamaican model who Trump Model Management brought to the U.S. on an H-1b visa, claims that TMM noted on her visa application that she would earn $75,000 a year. H-1b visas require a sponsoring company to pay its employees at least the actual or prevailing wage for the occupation, whichever is higher. When Ms. Palmer was only paid $4,985 over her three years with TMM, she sought $225,000 in back pay and class action status to represent other similarly underpaid models. TMM fought back, claiming the $75,000 wage calculation was only an educated guess and that it’s a standard practice to pay models only for booked jobs. The court ultimately dismissed Ms. Palmer’s claim because she should have first brought the matter to the Department of Labor before filing a lawsuit. It was the court’s way of telling Ms. Palmer, “You’re fired.”