In our previous updates, we reported on Google's research regarding ad injections and Google's limitations on changing Chrome settings . As part of Google’s ongoing efforts to fight ad injection and other potentially unwanted software, the company has introduced new features in Chrome for Windows that will better protect users against the risks of such unwanted and potentially harmful software. The new security features for Chrome on Windows are in addition to existing defenses, such as Safe Browsing warnings for pages known to deliver malware.

Google is now targeting Chrome extensions that change user settings, such as the default search engine, without using the approved API. With this new feature, the browser will automatically detect when an unauthorized change is made and will offer to restore the original settings.

Google has also redesigned Chrome's Cleanup feature which offers a shortcut to restoring the browser's default settings after an infection. It shows an alert when the browser detects unwanted software and offers a way to remove it. Chrome users have previously been able to use the standalone beta tool Chrome Cleanup Tool to remove harmful software, and the company is now saying that it has redesigned the alerts in order to make it easier to see what software will be removed.