On February 3, the CFPB held a field hearing to address concerns relating to consumers’ access to checking accounts. In Director Cordray’s opening remarks at the field hearing, he announced steps the CFPB is taking to alleviate concern that (i) consumers lack options that fit their financial need and situation; and (ii) inaccurate information is used to screen potential customers. To address the first issue, the CFPB sent a letter to the 25 largest retail banks urging them to make lower-risk account offerings that promise no authorized overdrafts available to consumers. The CFPB’s letter, which the agency describes as “simply a suggestion,” further recommends that banks already offering lower-risk products more prominently “feature them among their standard account offerings both in their branches and online.” Regarding the second concern, the CFPB issued Compliance Bulletin 2016-01, warning banks and credit unions (collectively, furnishers) of their obligation under Regulation V “to establish and implement reasonable written policies and procedures regarding the accuracy and integrity of information relating to consumers that they furnish to consumer reporting agencies (CRAs).” The bulletin notes that a furnisher’s failure to comply with such obligations under Regulation V could “potentially cause adverse consequences for consumers when included in a credit report, such as being denied a loan at a more favorable interest rate or being unable to open a transaction account.”

The CFPB also released new materials designed to help consumers better understand the options available to them, including: (i) a consumer advisory to “help people know what to do if they have been denied a deposit account or have an involuntary account closure”; (ii) a guide to selecting a lower-risk account that provides consumers with a list of suggested questions to consider when choosing an account; and (iii) a guide to managing your checking account that provides consumers with a list of steps for monitoring their account balance and activity.