After Google announced in February that it will stop accepting Flash ads, commencing 30 June 2016 (as previously reported in our client update), Google has recently announced that it plans to end support for Adobe’s Flash in its Chrome browser as a default, and instead, to promote HTLML5 by the end of this year. Nevertheless, Chrome will allow users to manually activate Flash, and this will include remembering which websites have been granted permission to do so.

The proposal states that for the first year, it will only serve Flash content by default for 10 websites that use the plugin. These include YouTube, Facebook, Yahoo, VKontakte, Live, Yandex,, Twitch, Amazon and, after which they will become blocked by default.

As this change is still a proposal and has not yet been implemented, it remains to be seen if Google will move forward with its revolutionary plan and if so, to what extent.