Over 30% of Am Law 100 firms are now easily preserving websites, social media and videos with Page Vault On Demand

CHICAGO, IL (APRIL 30, 2018) - Page Vault Inc., the legal industry’s leading provider of web capture solutions, has developed a new service that enables legal professionals to easily preserve and authenticate web content for due diligence or e-discovery. Page Vault On Demand®, an online request service, was officially announced in early 2017 to quickly outsource web content collection requests, and has already collected over 250,000 pieces of web content for numerous practice areas and legal matters.

Page Vault On Demand collects webpages, websites, social media profiles, videos, documents and images for any case matter. A team of collection experts complete the preservation work and electronically send accurate and defensible files to the client. Clients have confidence in knowing they are receiving a true-and-accurate capture that is highly admissible. A wide range of law firms have adopted this service in the past year, including over 30% of the Am Law 100, numerous boutique firms, and solo practitioners.

“We architected the technology so that it would be impossible for someone to fake content,” said Page Vault CTO, Todd Price. “We do digital timestamps, and at the heart of that is a “hash” value, which is a numerical digital tag unique to that page. A digital timestamp also adds a date and time at which the hash value was obtained, so not only do you know that this content existed in this form, you know the exact time and date it existed.”

The technology also automatically collects crucial metadata (.e.g., server addresses, URLs, IP addresses) often needed during research, requests for production (RFP) and litigation, that further verifies the authenticity of the web content. Page Vault can also provide affidavits upon request, as well as testify on behalf of the technology. 

In October 2017, Page Vault On Demand advanced its technology to expand services to easily accommodate ongoing projects of much higher volume and frequency, as well as various new output file formats.

The latest expansions to the technology and services include recurring captures based on a custom schedule, monitoring websites and capturing content when changes are detected, an API that integrates into in-house solutions, and discounted packages for enterprise clients.

In addition to delivering standard PDF files, Page Vault On Demand supports other output file formats, such as offline WARC (ISO 28500 compliant) and native files (.doc, .xls).

Page Vault is used in a variety of practice areas including intellectual property, family, employment, insurance fraud, personal injury, class action and general litigation. 

Find the Page Vault team at the International Trademark Association’s 140th Annual Meeting in Seattle, WA from May 19-23, 2018. Visit booth #376 to learn more about the technology and solutions.

About Page Vault

Page Vault helps legal professionals to capture, preserve and authenticate web content such as webpages, websites, social media, videos, and images. Users can have confidence in knowing that Page Vault’s collection experts accurately preserve all necessary content and supporting data within the requested output format. Whether using their in-house software or vendor services, Page Vault can accommodate projects of any volume or complexity. Page Vault is used by clients ranging from Am Law 100 firms to solo practitioners. Learn more at www.page-vault.com.

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