After announcing plans to enable their drivers to "travel long distances, for free, indefinitely," the electric car company Tesla Motors recently opened Ohio's first two supercharger stations in Macedonia, Summit County, and Maumee, Lucas County, the Akron Beacon Journal reports. The stations are located off of the Ohio Turnpike near roadside amenities, leading city officials to contemplate how the local businesses can best capitalize on the drivers while they wait the half hour it takes the car to charge. The company plans to have its cross-country network completed by the end of this winter, after which time it said it plans to "go back and convert some of the stations to solar-powered facilities," the article said. These are not Ohio's first electric vehicle (EV) charging stations; however, other public EV charging stations do require payment. Tesla's free Supercharger stations can only be used by drivers of the pricey Tesla EV, according to Bloomberg Businessweek.