Last Tuesday, Champaign County and three townships – Goshen, Union and Urbana – pursued their last resort for stopping the approved Buckeye Wind II Project from moving forward when they filed an appeal with the Ohio Supreme Court, the Springfield News-Sun reports (See our Oct 13, 2013, blog post for more information). According to the appeal, the Ohio Power Siting Board (OPSB) committed three errors when it approved the project in May. The appeal claims that the board failed to require Everpower to "post financial assurance for the total cost of decommissioning turbines at the end of the project;" that the state "erred in failing to require the distance from the turbines to landowners' property lines to meet manufacturer recommendations;" and that the OPSB "did not allow the county and townships a meaningful chance to cross-examine 'experts' who testified about parts of the project's application during the hearing process," the article said. The next day, members of Union Neighbors United (UNU), a group of residents opposed to the wind farm, also filed an appeal with the high court. As has been the case in this developing story so far, UNU lists a host of problems with the approval of the project, including allegations that the OPSB "quashed subpoenas seeking evidence of health, welfare and safety hazards such as blade throw, blade shear, blade defects, ice throw, fire, noise and shadow flicker posed by wind turbines."