Leading offerors of unlisted indirect real estate investments are taking part in the Netherlands Participation Exchange (NPEX). This new trading platform started on 2 February. “It concerns investments to which parties are bound for three to ten years”, says the founder Frans van den Broek. “The fact that this type of fund can be traded during that period at all is a completely new concept”, adds co-initiator Adriaan Hendrikse.

A fund manager pays NPEX EUR 10,000 to EUR 15,000 for a listing of its investment products. “In return, we carry out a part of the back office for the offeror”, says Mr Hendrikse. “We enter the Financial aspects of the prospectus into the NPEX website. Prices of completed transactions will be added to that. The trading history, offering history, it all becomes transparent to everyone. We include the performance, so that investors can see the yields.”

The performance calculations are derived from the fund offerors. NPEX contains a comparative programme which helps investors to navigate the multitude of real estate investment opportunities. (Het Financieele Dagblad dated 2 February 2009).