The Board of Revision of Taxes, the assessing authority for the City and County of Philadelphia, has been sending out more than 400,000 Notices of Proposed Valuation, or reassessment notices, for tax year 2008. These notices indicate proposed market value changes — and real estate tax increases — for residential, commercial and industrial properties throughout Philadelphia.

Record and equitable property owners and tenants paying real estate taxes may file 2008 market value appeals with the Board of Revision of Taxes, whether the proposed 2008 market/assessed values are greater than or the same as the 2007 market/assessed values. The deadline for filing an appeal with the Board is October 1, 2007, or 30 days from the date of the Board's Notice of Proposed Valuation, whichever is the later date.

Attorneys in the Real Estate Practice Group have the knowledge, experience and resources to provide consultation on real estate tax matters, prepare and file market value appeals and pursue all forms of real estate tax relief for every type of property before the Board of Revision of Taxes.