A Government Bill proposing to amend the Finnish Competition Act to extend the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority’s (”FCCA”) supervision powers over the business activities of the public sector was submitted to the Finnish Parliament. The proposal aims, through national supervision, to ensure that competition between companies in the public and private sectors is fair (so called neutrality of competition). The European Commission has received a number of complaints regarding the neutrality of competition in the Finnish market. According to the Government, Finnish legislation does not currently provide efficient means to intervene in distortions of competition caused by the business activities of the public sector. Thus, the Government proposes that a new chapter 4a is included in the Competition Act. According to the Government Bill, if conduct of business activities by a municipality, a federation of municipalities or the state or an entity under the control of one of the foregoing would distort competition in the market or prevent the development of healthy competition, the FCCA should primarily through negotiations strive to remove such distortion. If negotiations are not successful, the FCCA would have the power to prohibit the conduct or impose obligations thereon. However, the FCCA’s supervisory power would not cover statutory operations of municipalities, such as the authorities’ official actions and social security. The Act is intended to enter into force as soon as possible once it has been approved. Source: Ministry of Employment and the Economy Press Release 11/4/2013 and Government Bill 40/2013