What does this cover?

The Government department's Culture, Media and Sport Committee (DCMS), have announced in November their intention to embark upon an investigation into cyber – security. Readers may recall that the ICO's sponsorship was taken over by DCMS in September this year. The inquiry follows the series of recent online attacks publicised widely across the media.

The parliamentary website stated that there are - "questions and concern over the ways companies store and secure information about their customers…In light of these incidents…the Committee is interested to receive views in response to the following areas:

  •  …The robustness of measures that telecoms and internet service providers are putting in place to maintain the security of their customers’ personal data and the level of investment being made to ensure their systems remain secure and anticipate future threats  
  • The nature, role and importance of encryption in protecting personal data  
  • The adequacy of the supervisory, regulatory and enforcement regimes currently in place to ensure companies are responding sufficiently to cyber-crime  
  • The adequacy of the redress mechanisms and compensatory measures for consumers when security breaches occur and individuals’ personal data are compromised  
  • Likely future trends in hacking, technology and security  

The deadline for written submissions was Monday 23 November 2015 "

To view the announcement, please click here..

What action could be taken to manage risks that may arise from this development?

None - for interest only.