DCLG: Strengthening local government transparency – Consultation on changes to the Local Government Transparency Code 2015: seeks views on proposals to revise the 2015 Code that sets out how local authorities should record details of their land and property assets, and publish information about their procurement, their contracts and the delivery of some of their services. It  also proposes to include new requirements about information on parking charges and enforcement and the way that transparency data is published and presented. The proposals include that with authorities with ‘in-house’ services provide a one-off set of information which sets out details of the in-house service and justifies to residents that the service is being delivered cost-effectively. It should set out for how long the current in-house service is expected to be in place and should reassess the costs and benefits of in-house services against provision by private firms after an appropriate time period, e.g. every 7 years. This requirement could be limited to services above a threshold, e.g. contracts with a value >£500,000. The consultation closes on 8 July 2016. (12 May 2016)