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HMOs continue to provide a steady stream of cases in the courts, with the case of Rakusen v Jepson reaching the Court of Appeal earlier this year. In this webinar we will consider where liability lies for licensing and property standards in HMOs and the potential liability of tenants and of landlords. We will also look in more depth at the decision in Rakusen and the impact of that decision on superior landlords. This webinar is aimed at landlords and those advising them and will consider how recent court decisions have impacted on the responsibility of landlords for HMOs. It will also be valuable to tenant representatives who want to know who to pursue if things go wrong.

The speakers are:

Robin Stewart – Senior Associate

Tamanna Begum – Paralegal at Anthony Gold

Archie Maddan – Barrister at 5 Pump Court

Dale Timson –Barrister at 5 Pump Court

Clare Kelly – Chambers Director at 5 Pump Court