It has been reported in the Irish press that a complaint has been made to the Irish Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (“CCPC”) alleging that Heineken is involved in anti-competitive behaviour.

The complaint, as reported, alleges that Heineken is involved in anti-competitive behaviour by offering money and free products to publicans as an incentive to keep rival products out of certain pubs. A number of pubs have allegedly received these offers. The press report notes that a CCPC spokeswoman confirmed that the CCPC has received a number of complaints about anti-competitive behaviour in the drinks industry.

Heineken Ireland’s brands include Murphy’s stout, Foster’s lager, Beamish stout and Tiger.

Section 4 of the Irish Competition Act 2002 (as amended) prohibits agreements, decisions and concerted practices which have as their object or effect the prevention, restriction or distortion of competition in trade in any goods or services in the State.