On 23 June, Colombia's state oil company Ecopetrol1 launched a divestment process called Ronda Campos 2016, to offer its participation and interests in hydrocarbon production assets.

Ecopetrol has offered 20 production assets grouped into 17 business opportunities located in 5 geographic areas of the country: Catatumbo, Middle Valley and Upper Magdalena Valley, Llanos and Putumayo. 

Ronda Campos 2016 is a public tender aimed at Colombian and international companies and is part of Ecopetrol's strategy for 2015-2020. The business opportunities on offer have a development potential in primary and enhanced recovery. The fields are close to logistics facilities, which will prove attractive for small and medium-sized oil and gas companies. The rights to be awarded in the tender are existing rights under agreements between Colombia's hydrocarbons agency (ANH2) and Ecopetrol; the winning bidders will therefore be entitled to the assignment of existing contracts, subject to ANH's consent. Bidders must provide evidence that they meet ANH's qualification requirements for areas of this kind.

According to our local counsel, the so-called "convenios" between Ecopetrol and ANH are more favourable than regular E&P contracts for the following reasons:

  • As they do not have a high price sharing mechanism, because they were agreements between two State entities, there are ANH regulations that state that these "convenios" may be assigned by Ecopetrol, without the high price sharing clause. This should be verified in due diligence.
  • Because most of these contracts have some level of production, they already have environmental permits.

Please, click here to see the terms and conditions of the divestment process.


  • 23 June: Launch of the divestment process
  • 27 June: Publication of the terms of reference
  • 27 June-26 August: Opening of the divestment process
  • 16 September: Publication of the prequalified list
  • 30 September: Submission of proposals and award
  • 24-28 October: Subscription of contracts