The Cabinet Office has released a new Procurement Policy Note (PPN 07/14) on implementing Article 6 of the Energy Efficiency Directive. The PPN applies to all Central Government Departments, including Non-Ministerial Departments, Executive Agencies, and certain Non-Departmental Public Bodies (‘In-Scope Organisations’).

From 5 June 2014, In-Scope Organisations will be required to comply with the energy efficiency standards as set out in Article 6 and Annex III to the Energy Efficiency Directive 2012/27/EU (dated 25 October 2012), namely they must seek to purchase energy efficient products, services and buildings. It is a qualified duty which only applies to above-threshold purchases and where it is consistent with achieving value for money, economic feasibility, wider sustainability, technical suitability and ensuring sufficient competition. The detailed requirements are set out in an annex to the PPN.

The PPN also notes that other public bodies not within scope of these requirements must be encouraged to voluntarily act in accordance with Article 6 of the Directive.

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