As readers of the CFS-Lawblog know, the OCC announced at the beginning of this week that the first wave of checks from the “independent foreclosure review” had been sent consumers. Now the OCC is announcing that the “second wave of 1.4 million checks totaling $1.2 billion was sent on April 18, 2013. This brings the total number of checks sent consumers 2.8 million worth $2.4 billion. The OCC expects that remaining checks—approximately 1.4 million checks totaling $1.2 billion—will be sent to consumers by “mid-summer.”. The OCC is also reporting that, as of April 18, 2013, 434,484 checks totaling nearly $419 million were cashed or deposited.  The OCC did not indicate whether those amounts include the checks that failed to clear some customer accounts. According to the OCC’s  Independent Foreclosure Review Disbursement Breakdown the eligible borrowers will receive between $300 and $125.000 with most consumers receiving $500 to $600 dollars.