As part of the National Business Simplification Initiative, the Government has released a discussion paper Modernising Business Registry Services on ways to modernise business registers to improve registry services, reduce complexity for business and enable better access to registry data in line with the Government’s open data policy to facilitate greater use and innovation. 

As a first step, the Government is considering options to improve 31 registers managed by ASIC (including the Companies Register and the Business Names Register) and the Australian Business Register.  In particular, the Government is interested in understanding the potential impacts of bringing the ASIC registers and the Australian Business Register together.

Stakeholders are encouraged to provide their views on aspects of the operation of business registries including:

  • user experience;
  • opportunities to deliver improved business services;
  • open data;
  • accessibility;
  • technology;
  • governance; and
  • legislation.

Submissions are due by 6 September 2017. 

For further details, see Treasury’s Modernising Business Regsiters webpage and media release by the Minister for Revenue and Financial Services dated 9 August 2017.