The Financial Analysis Unit (UAF by its acronym in Spanish) through the Official Gazette N° 46 published on March 7, 2016 has the Resolution No. UAF-N-007-2016 of Regulation of the Registration of the Financial Institutions and Non-Financial Activities in the Obligated Parties Registry, which has entered into force on Thursday, April 7 of 2016, a month after the publication.

The purpose of this new Regulation is to update the proceedings and registries of the Obligated Parties, as well as establish requirements, allowing the Institution to have precise and complete information of the natural and legal obligated parties.

In accordance of the Regulation, the newly Parties obligated to registry in the UAF are the following: the real estate brokers; dealers of metals, precious stones and/or artwork and those who are involved in the commercialization, industrialization and manufacture of jewelry and/or precious stones; the suppliers of value transfer services, goods and assets; the traders of new and used cars; the assistants of retailers that acts as auctioneers; and those who are involved in commodity future trading.

We urge all the Obligated Parties to meet the demands of this new Regulation No. UAF-N- 007-2016, and proceed to register and update their information before the UAF.