The Government of the Republic of Guatemala recently declared the management, promotion, construction, and operation of the interoceanic corridor of Guatemala to be a matter of “public benefit” and “national interest”.

Guillermo Catalán, President of the Board of Directors of the Interoceanic Corridor, assured to a local reporter that the studies to establish the value of the work will start within four or five months.


The project encompasses 46 municipalities in seven departments and 19 commonwealths (“mancomunidades”). 3,533 properties will be purchased and paid at the end of the year.

The project would cover a140-meter-wide and 372-kilometer-long strip of land. This corridor will connect the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. Two new ports for last-generation ships will be built.

There will be a railroad for transporting cargo containers from port to port in four and a half hours. The construction of the project may benefit the East coast of the United States.