The Department of Commerce finalized tariffs for crystalline silicon photovoltaic imports from China October 10, charging Chinese solar panel companies with illegal trade practices and increasing the countervailing duties from the March preliminary determination while retaining the May anti-dumping duties or slightly lowering them. The original countervailing duties ranged between 2.9 and 4.73 percent, while the final figures range between 14.78 and 15.97 percent, depending on the company. Anti-dumping tariffs range between 18.32 and 249.96 percent. The agency did not expand the scope of the duties to include products manufactured in other countries that are made with Chinese materials. The International Trade Commission has the final word on whether the tariffs will take effect, and is expected to decide by November 23 weather Chinese solar imports are harming domestic manufacturers. The commission unanimously agreed last year that they were. China’s Ministry of Commerce released a statement October 11 condemning the determination.