The Department of Health recently published the fourth progress report of the “Strategic Review of Medical Training and Career Structure”, which has been submitted to the Minister for Health. The report follows recommendations made by a working group established in 2013 and covers the period from January to July 2016.

The working group for the strategic review completed its work in June 2014, having been tasked with examining and making high-level recommendations relating to training and career pathways for doctors with a view to:

  1. improving graduate retention in the public health system;
  2. planning for future service needs; and
  3. realising maximum benefit from investment in medical education and training.

The working group submitted three reports: in December 2013, April 2014 and June 2014 respectively. The group made 25 recommendations, which are said to be in the process of being implemented through a range of structures and processes across the health system, involving multiple stakeholders.

The Department of Health has established an Implementation Monitoring Group (IMG) to oversee implementation of the recommendations. The IMG met twice in the January – July 2016 period and met with trainee doctor delegations in April 2016.

The report shows that progress was acknowledged in relation to the implementation of some of the working group’s recommendations such as the National Electronic Record, the appointment of NCHD leads, streamlined training and Fellowship posts. However, feedback received from the IMG suggests that progress in implementing many of the recommendations is slow and /or varies between hospital sites.

A detailed summary table of the trainee doctors’ feedback is included in the progress report, together with a table showing the progress in implementing the recommendations of the working group.

The full report as published on the Department of Health’s website can be found here.