On 24 March 2011, the FDA posted on its website certain recommendations to the medical devices industry for the purpose of expediting the admissibility process of imported medical devices into the United States. Specifically, the FDA warned that a number of imported medical devices do not contain entry information sufficient to allow the FDA to promptly decide upon admissibility at ports of entry in the United States. The FDA explained that when an imported product regulated by the FDA arrives in the United States and the entry information CBP sends to the FDA to evaluate whether the product meets FDA requirements is insufficient, the FDA must manually review each line of the product’s entry. To expedite the review and release of entries, the FDA advised the medical devices industry to ensure that all products imported into the United States contain detailed and accurate information about the product, manufacturer, importer and premarket application. The FDA further advised that each entry line should contain an AofC code for: (1) device foreign manufacturer (DEV) or device foreign exporter (DFE); (2) device listing (LST); (3) device initial importer (DII); (4) premarket Application (premarket approval, humanitarian device exemption or product development protocol number); (5) premarket notification number (PMN); and (6) investigational device exemption (IDE).