In a 40 page opinion, the UK Commercial Court considered a situation in which a Venezuelan insurer, Multinacional de Seguros, provided insurance for a producer of liquid aluminum, aluminum ingots and aluminum cylinders. Multinacional obtained reinsurance from three reinsurers. An adjuster was retained to assist in processing claims, and during negotiations with the insured the Venezuelan three year limitation period expired. The Venezuelan Superintendent of Insurance provided an opinion that the limitation period had not expired, but the reinsurers decided to commence a declaratory action in London seeking a declaration that they were not responsible for the losses, and instructed the insurer to take the same position with the insured. Multinacional sent the insured a letter, however, which the Court found waived any potential limitation defense. The Court found that this action breached the cooperation clause of the reinsurance agreements. Lexington Insurance Company v. Multinacional de Seguros, S.A. [2008] EWHC 1170 (Comm. May 23, 2008).