Turkish Patent and Trademark Office (TURKPATENT) and Republic of Turkey Ministry of Trade signed a cooperation protocol aimed at conducting works in regard to protection and inspection of geographical indications and traditional product names. 

The Head of TURKPATENT stated that the Ministry of Trade will inspect the products bearing a geographical indication consumed by citizens, and pointed out that "This will further strengthen the system."

In a speech delivered at the signature ceremony of the protocol, the Head of TURKPATENT indicated that they have recently been performing significant works concerning registration of geographical indications regarding local products in Turkey, that approximately 200 new geographical indications were registered within the last year, and that they have also been working on the ways to earn more money out of geographical indications and how to enter the international market

Without a shadow of a doubt, inspection of geographical indications is as important as their registration, and constitutes the other pillar of the system. Indeed, the holder of a geographical indication registration also needs to establish the necessary mechanisms of inspection. In this context, it is understood that Turkey’s Ministry of Trade is going to inspect whether the products with a geographical indication consumed by citizens comply with the requirements.

The purpose intended with this protocol is to ensure coordination between authorities concerning protection of geographical indications and traditional product names, as well as protection of consumers.

As part of the protocol, TURKPATENT will notify the Ministry of Trade of complaints received by it in relation to any misleading information through use of geographical indications and traditional product names. Afterwards, the Ministry of Trade will examine the matter through its Advertisement Board, and impose penalty sanctions if it concludes that there is an unfair and wrongful use in question.