The Ministry of Justice’s (MOJ) response to the Enhanced Court Fees consultation was released on 16 January 2015. The main points that HMCTS will implement in April 2015 are as follows:

  • For claims between £10,000 and £200,000, a court fee of 5% of the amount claimed will be payable (subject to a 10% discount on the fee for those issuing through Secure Data Transfer or MCOL).
  • There will be a fixed court fee of £10,000 for claims over £200,000. (The MOJ say that 90% of claims issued fall below the £10,000 claim figure).

In its response, the MOJ is consulting on the following further fee increases:

  • An increase to the possession claim fee by £75.
  • General applications to be increased from £50 to £100 for without notice applications and from £155 to £255 for on notice applications.

The consultation closes on 27 February 2015.