On 6 February 2014, the US Secretary of the Treasury designated several individuals and entities for sanctions under Executive Orders (E.O.) 13224 and 13382, which not only prohibit transactions between designated persons and US persons but also require the blocking of any property and interests in property of the designated individuals under US jurisdiction.

Pursuant to E.O. 13382, which targets proliferators of weapons of mass destruction and their supporters, the Treasury Department designated Ali Canko, a Turkish citizen, for his assistance to the Tiva Sanat Group, an Iran-based organisation that seeks to acquire foreign technology and components. Advance Electrical and Industrial Technologies SL, a Spanish company, and its sole shareholder Pere Punti, a Spanish citizen, were designated for involvement in the procurement of specialised equipment and materials that have direct application to Iran’s nuclear program. Also designated was DF Deutsche Forfait Aktiengesellschaft, its US subsidiary and a board member, Ulrich Wippermann, for providing or attempting to provide financial, material or other support to Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corp (the “IRGC”).

Pursuant to E.O. 13224, the Treasury Department targeted multiple entities and individuals linked to the financing and activities of Mahan Air, a sanctioned Iranian airline. The sanctioned entities include two UAE-based companies, Blue Sky Aviation Co FZE and Avia Trust FZE, and three related individuals, Hamidreza Malekouti Pour, Pejman Mahmood Kosarayanifard and Gholamreza Mahmoudi. Also designated under E.O. 13224 are multiple individuals the US believes are involved in the IRGC’s efforts in Afghanisation as well as an individual believed to be a key al-Qaida facilitator based in Iran.

Treasury press release