Representatives of the Internet Association (IA)—a group of major web service edge providers whose members include Netflix, Yahoo and eBay—met Tuesday with FCC Chairman Ajit Pai to argue for the preservation of open Internet rules, enacted by the FCC in 2015, which reclassified broadband Internet access services (BIAS) as telecommunications services pursuant to Title II of the 1934 Communications Act.

Tuesday’s meeting follows in the wake of the Trump Administration’s enactment of a Congressional Review Act resolution that repealed the broadband privacy rules adopted by the FCC last October. Observers indicate that, within days of the resolution’s signing, Pai met with telecom industry officials to explore a path toward reversing the Title II classification of BIAS and ways of encouraging voluntary industry compliance with the net neutrality rules while shifting primary enforcement responsibility to the Federal Trade Commission. 

In a letter describing Tuesday’s meeting, IA stated that its purpose was “to discuss the Chairman’s agenda with respect to the 2015 Open Internet Order.” Affirming its “vigorous support” for the 2015 Open Internet Order, IA advised the FCC that the edge provider industry “is uniform in its belief that net neutrality preserves the consumer experience, competition and innovation online” and that the FCC’s existing net neutrality framework should therefore “be enforced and kept intact.” IA also argued against claims that Title II regulation threatens incentives to expand and invest in BIAS networks, citing the results of IA preliminary economic research that “suggests that the [Open Internet] Order did not have a negative impact on [BIAS] investment.” As such, IA maintained that the Open Internet Order “is working well” and that the preservation of FCC rules contained in that order forms “a vital component of the free and open internet.”