As of 01 January 2018, all registrants of the Veterinary Council of Ireland are required to be covered by professional indemnity insurance, either personally or through their employer.

For the purposes of the professional indemnity regulations, a registrant must produce details of cover if required to do so by the Veterinary Council of Ireland. Further, the Council may refuse to grant a licence to practise to any registered person who fails to be covered by a policy of indemnity insurance.

Where a registered person who holds a licence to practise is found to be in breach of the Regulations, the Council of the VCI may:

  • withdraw that person’s licence to practise;
  • apply to the Registrar for an inquiry into the fitness to practise veterinary medicine of the person;
  • direct the Registrar to take specified action and the Registrar shall take such action;
  • take such other action as it considers appropriate in the circumstances.

Further details regarding the Professional Indemnity Insurance Regulations can be accessed here.