On April 18, 2013, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission ("FERC") issued an order on rehearing and clarification of its September 2012 Final Rule ("Order No. 768") under which it required non-public utilities that have more than a de minimis market presence to file Electric Quarterly Reports ("EQR") and revising certain EQR filing requirements applicable to both public and non-public utility market participants in the interstate wholesale electric markets. In the April 18 order, FERC denied rehearing requests of Order No. 768 on issues including (i) the compliance effective date for implementation of e-Tag ID requirements, (ii) reporting of electricity sales transactions by sellers and not allowing a utility to rely on its Regional Transmission Organization to report sales transactions for sellers, (iii) its adoption of a 4 million megawatt hour de minimis EQR threshold for non-public utilities, and (iv) its requirement that the Company Customer Name be reported for sales transactions.  FERC also clarified several aspects of Order No. 768 including software requirements and data dictionary terms.