After years of trying to get federal courts to step in and stop the Federal Trade Commission’s administrative action against it for allegedly inadequate data security, LabMD has finally scored a major win against the Commission ? in the very administrative proceedings it tried so hard to avoid.  An Administrative Law Judge has ordered that the complaint against the medical testing company be dismissed because the FTC staff had failed to show that LabMD’s computer security practices had caused or were “likely” to cause substantial injury to consumers.  The ALJ’s decision is a major embarrassment for the Commission, because it shows that the FTC’s case against LabMD was built largely upon falsified evidence from a company that was trying to pressure LabMD into hiring it to help with its computer security.  LabMD and its CEO are now doubling down by suing three FTC lawyers and unnamed “Doe” defendants for their role in the enforcement action, alleging that the defendants violated their First, Fourth, and Fifth Amendment rights.