In December 2009, the UK Listing Authority published the 23rd edition of LIST! The topics covered by LIST! 23 are:

  • share buybacks via a tender offer with a mix and match facility;
  • mix and match facilities in the context of a scheme of arrangement;
  • documents to be put on display for the purposes of the Prospectus Rules;
  • the application of LR13.5.27 (accountant's opinion: acquisitions of publicly traded companies) and LR13.5.28 (when an accountant's opinion is not required) to acquisitions of publicly traded companies;
  • communications on structured products;
  • 'ordinary course' arguments for LR11.1.5(2) (related party transactions);
  • a reminder on dealing with leaks or rumours; and
  • action to be taken by issues in connection with the new listing categories.

View List! 23 (5 page pdf).