The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Standardisation Administration of China have jointly published the Draft Guideline for the Establishment of National Industrial System of Telematics (“Draft Guideline”) on 13 June 2017 to solicit public comment.

According to the Draft Guideline, the first step for the establishment of a national industrial system should be setting out the standard system for intelligent & connected vehicles (“ICVs”). The standard system will be divided into four main categories: (i) basic standards, covering term and definition, category and coding, and mark and symbol; (ii) generally applicable standards, covering function evaluation, human-computer interface, function security, and information security; (iii) product and technology application standards, covering information perception, decision-making and warning, control assistance, auto control, and information interexchange; (iv) other relevant standards, covering communication agreement and interface.

Depending on the automation status, the Draft Guideline classifies ICVs into five levels which are driving assistance, partial automation, conditional automation, high automation and full automation. The overall plan is to formulate about 30 standards by 2020 to support driving assistance and low-level automated driving and to formulate more than 100 standards by 2025 to support high-level automated driving.

Please click here the read the full text of the Draft Guideline.