Recently, the Seventh Circuit issued an opinion in Janiga v Questar Capital Corp on the issue of whether the court or an arbitrator is responsible for deciding whether a particular document signed by the parties constitutes a contract and, if so, whether that contract includes an arbitration clause. The Court of Appeals – noting that arbitration itself is a matter of contract – determined that the District Court must decide whether a contract exists before it decides whether to stay an action and order arbitration. The question of enforceability, however, falls squarely on the arbitrator. Applying governing state law on the formation of contracts, the Seventh Circuit then ruled that Janiga had signed a valid contract and thus assented to arbitration. The case was remanded for further proceedings consistent with the opinion. Janiga v. Questar Capital Corp., Case No. 09-2982 (7th Cir. Aug. 2, 2010).