Hogan & Hartson successfully represented Arcor, the leading competitor of Deutsche Telekom in landline telephony services in Germany, in a litigation before the Cologne Administrative Court. By decisions of February 8 and 10, 1999, the German Regulatory Authority had set the tariffs of Deutsche Telekom for access to the local loop for the time period until March 2001. The monthly rental fee for the local loop was set at 25,40 DM/ 12,99 Euro, which exceeded Deutsche Telekom's monthly retail price for an analog telephone line by 4,01 DM/ 2,05 Euro. This price squeeze continued to exist until August 2005. As a result, the European Commission determined in a decision of May 21, 2003 that Deutsche Telekom infringed Art. 82 EC. This decision was confirmed by the European Court of First Instance by a ruling of April 10, 2008. In its decision of November 27, 2008, the Cologne Administrative Court abrogated the German Regulatory Authority's decisions of February 8 and 10, 1999. The Regulatory Authority (Bundesnetzagentur) will now have to decide again on the tariffs.