Creating the employment boosting measure known as «Estímulo 2013», which promotes hiring and vocational training of unemployed persons, and repealing Portaria No. 45/2012 of 13 February.

This legislation repeals Portaria No. 45/2012 of 13 February (which created the measure «Estímulo 2012»), seeking to reorganise it by creating a measure of broader scope, which expands the group of categories of unemployed persons potentially covered by this measure, and changing the administrative procedure to streamline it and make it more efficient.

This measure grants the employer financial support for the execution of employment contracts with unemployed persons registered with an employment centre or an employment and professional training centre.

The employer that concludes employment contracts under this measure, will be entitled to financial support for a maximum period of six months, in the case of a fixed-term employment contract, or eighteen months, in the case of employment contract concluded as open ended contracts from the beginning.

The value of the financial support to be granted corresponds, as a rule, to 50% of the monthly remuneration of the employee, and, in some cases, it may correspond to 60% of that remuneration. However, this support cannot exceed the amount of one IAS (social support index) per month (€ 419.22), for fixed-term contracts and of 1.3 the value of IAS per month (€ 544.99), in the case of contracts that are open-ended from the start.

Under the «Estímulo 2013» measure, provision is made for a conversion bonus granted to the employer, where a fixed-term employment contract (formerly covered by the «Estímulo 2012» measure or by this measure) is converted into an open-ended employment contract, by agreement entered into between the employer and the employee.