The Oireachtas Joint Committee on Health (the “Health Committee”) has invited submissions from the public in relation to the General Scheme of the Health Information and Patient Safety Bill (the “Bill”). The Committee has opened submissions in order to gain a wider understanding of the views of the public.

As discussed in our previous blog Health Information and Patient Safety Bill , the Bill sets out to address the issue of patient safety and to promote a culture of patient safety and public confidence in the Irish health system. The Committee has placed an extra emphasis on seeking submissions in relation to data privacy given the proposal to create frameworks regarding the use of personal health information for both “research and continuation of care” purposes.

The Committee are seeking submissions under the following parts of the Bill;

  • Part 2: Personal Data, Personal Health Data and Personal Health Information
  • Part 3: Research Ethics Approval
  • Part 4: Data Matching Programmes
  • Part 5: Health Information Resources

The closing date for submissions is 3pm on 20 January 2017 and can be made directly to:

To access the General Scheme of the Bill click here.

More information on making submissions can be found on the department website.