Competitive and successful franchises realize that the question is not whether or not to participate in a social media campaign, but rather how to participate. Successful utilization of social media constantly evolves to reflect the ever changing and growing platforms of social media in existence. However, don’t throw caution to the wind simply because social media gives all franchises, regardless of size, free access to the masses.

Quality and planned interaction between existing customers, potential clients, franchisees and the general public can dramatically boost awareness of your brand. Consistency of brand is pivotal to brand identification, internal guidelines and paper marketing and online presence is no different. Control of the message will maintain control of the “branding.” Before commencing an online program, make sure that the message is consistent with the brand of the franchise. Mixed messages between your online social media presence and current image are not beneficial and may actually undermine the company image.

Organized infiltration into a social media campaign, with ongoing maintenance and attention, is mandatory for successful maintenance and growth of a brand. Simply starting the campaign will never be enough. Social media and successful franchises are here for the long haul and franchises need to make sure that they address social media in their platform initially and as an ongoing concern.