On 14 February 2014, EIOPA published a speech given by its Chairman Gabriel Bernardino regarding EIOPA's role in enhancing insurance supervision in the EU. Amongst other matter, he reiterates a previously expressed view that EIOPA should have an enhanced supervisory role for large cross border insurance groups. He also highlights the core role played by EIOPA in relation to Solvency II; mentioning the dedicated Questions & Answers (Q&A) tool recently published on EIOPA's website which offers stakeholders the opportunity to submit questions on the intention or meaning of EIOPA's preparatory guidelines for Solvency II. Separately, on 20 February 2014, EIOPA published an interview given by the Chairman to 'Insurance Review' in Italy. This describes key upcoming/continuing focuses of EIOPA, including (a) its planned stress test for the insurance sector during 2014 and (b) preparation of Implementing Technical Standards (ITS) and Guidelines for Solvency II and public consultations on these during 2014/2015 (the first of which was recently confirmed by EIOPA as planned for April – June 2014).