In our March 2011 edition we reported on the dispute between the Coca-Cola Company and the writer of the Spanish-language version of "Wavin' Flag," Coke's World Cup theme song.  Following the court's summary judgment ruling in favor of Coca-Cola, the company sought an award of attorney fees. The magistrate's report recommending the award concluded that due to the "incontrovertible evidence and the binding law" of the circuit, the plaintiff should not have pursued the litigation after the evidence became known to him during discovery. The magistrate's recommendation of an award of partial attorney's fees in the amount of $535,135.00 and partial costs in the amount of $43,011.99 was affirmed by the district court on August 8, 2011. This massive award incorporates a substantial reduction from the original amount Coke sought. The court justified this reduction by noting that Coca-Cola was entitled to reasonable attorney fees, not the fees that it paid for the services of a premium law firm that had staffed 19 attorneys on the case.