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Happy #WorkforceWednesday to all employers. Here’s the week’s top workforce management and employment law news:

Coronavirus To-Dos: Work-from-Home Policies (Video)

In the event the coronavirus spreads drastically, many employers will want to implement mandatory work-from-home policies. Employers should consider various aspects of the Fair Labor Standards Act when crafting these policies. Attorney Jeff Ruzal explains best practices in the following video interview. See also his recent blog post.

HIPAA and Coronavirus

Regulators are on board with sharing protected health information (PHI) to support public health. Learn more about the ways by which the HIPAA Privacy Rule permits entities to disclose PHI without a patient’s authorization.

Further Developments on Individual Arbitrations

Employers that have implemented arbitration programs or are considering doing so take note: Recently, a federal court required DoorDash to conduct 5,000 individual arbitrations under the terms of its mandatory arbitration agreements, and now Postmates has received similar orders, signaling that further enforcement may be on the horizon.