The FCC will auction 130 construction permits for FM allotments beginning on April 28, 2020. A list of the available construction permits in the auction, known as Auction 106, is available here.

The FCC is currently seeking comments on the Auction 106 procedures, including:

· Conducting the auction using a simultaneous multiple-round auction format.

· Requiring bidders to submit upfront payments for specific construction permits as a prerequisite to qualifying for the auction, and then using the amount of the upfront payments to determine a participant’s bidding units, which measure bidding eligibility.

· Allowing a bidder to place bids on multiple construction permits, if the total number of bidding units for those permits does not exceed the bidder’s current eligibility.

· Requiring bidders to bid actively throughout the auction by implementing an “activity rule.” Bidders would be required to be active on a specific percentage of their current bidding eligibility during each round of the auction.

· Setting a minimum opening bid amount, but not separate reserve prices.

· Allowing a bidder to remove (or “unsubmit”) any bid placed prior to the close of a bidding round, but prohibiting a bidder from withdrawing a bid after the close of the round.

Comments are due November 6, 2019, with reply comments due November 20, 2019.