What to do if you are the subject of a dawn raid

Any investigation by a competition authority will create major disruption for your business. It may also signal the start of protracted proceedings and potentially lead to fines, damages actions and, in some jurisdictions, personal sanctions for individuals and disqualification for directors. If you are subject to a raid, you will need to take immediate steps to ensure that your interests are protected on the day, making sure you understand the authority’s processes and procedures so as to be able to assess where you stand, enabling you to take an informed decision on how to react. You may need to make rapid strategic judgments about applying for leniency in a high pressure situation. Our international Competition, EU and Trade Group can arrange dawn raid cover for your business to ensure that you are prepared for any investigation. We regularly draw up and put in place appropriate plans and procedures, making sure that contact arrangements take into account relevant practical details to allow for swift attendance and effective response on site. We undertake training and can also help you to test your procedures by running mock dawn raids.

Click here to view our quick and easy step-by step dawn raid guide which can be saved on your mobile device