The U.K. Department of Health (DOH) has announced a voluntary front-ofpack (FOP) nutrition labeling scheme designed to “clearly” display the amount of fat, saturated fat, salt, sugar, and calories contained in food products. According to an October 24, 2012, press release, the proposed system will use color coding, guideline daily amounts and “high/medium/low” text to help consumers “make quick, informed decisions about the food they eat.”

The announcement apparently followed a three-month consultation with retailers, manufacturers and other stakeholders about the future of FOP labeling. Although DOH will continue to meet with industry about the system’s final design, it evidently plans to launch the initiative as early as summer 2013. “The U.K. already has the largest number of products with front-of-pack labels in Europe but research has shown that consumers get confused by the wide variety of labels used,” said Public Health Minister Anna Soubry. “By having a consistent system we will all be able to see at a glance what is in our food. This will help us all choose healthier options and control our calorie intake.”