Resolution of the Council of Ministers No. 1/2014. D.R. (Portuguese official gazette) No. 3, Series I of 2014-01-06

Authorizes the issue of public debt, in the execution of the State Budget for 2014, approved by the Law No. 83-C/2013, of 31 December, and the General System Governing the Issue and Management of Public debt, approved by Law No. 7/98, of 3 February.

Notice No. 219/2014. D.R. (Portuguese official gazette) No. 4, Series II of 2014-01-07

Defines the interest rates on late payments applicable to the State and other public entities debt.

Order No. 473/2014. D.R. (Portuguese official gazette) No. 7, Series II of 2014-01-10

Modification of the direct global net indebtedness limits of the Resolution of the Council of Ministers of 2013.

Order No. 490/2014. D.R. (Portuguese official gazette) No. 7, Series II of 2014-01-10

Constitution of the working group created to carry out an assessment of the implications of the restrictive measures in the national jurisdiction, identifying all legal , institutional and operational instruments, in force, related to those measures, promote the harmonization of the referred instruments, the definition of the best practices to follow and the communication mechanisms in that execution, and the elaboration of the proposals in order to take the necessary legislative, regulatory and operational modification measures.

Resolution of the Parliament No. 1-A/2014. D.R. (Portuguese official gazette) No. 8, Supplement Series I of 2014-01-13

First supplementary budget of the National Parliament (Assembleia da República) for 2014.

Regulation No. 16/2014. D.R. (Portuguese official gazette) No. 10, Series II of 2014-01-15

Regulation of public procedures  concerning Law No. 15/2013, of 8  February  (legal regime of the real estate mediation activity).

Law No. 1/2014. D.R. (Portuguese official gazette) No. 11, Series I of 2014-01- 16

Proceeds with the eighth amendment of Law No. 63-A/2008, of 24 November, which establishes the measures of reinforcement of financial soundness of credit institutions according to the initiative aimed to strengthen financial stability and the provision of liquidity in capital markets.

Decree-Law No. 11/2014. D.R. (Portuguese official gazette) No. 15, Series I of 2014-01-22

Approval of the Organic Law of the Ministry of Economy.

Order No. 1390-A/2014. D.R. (Portuguese official gazette) No. 19, Supplement Series II of 2014-01-28

Determines  the  deadlines  for  the  consultation  of  the  operational  programs  for  the application of the European Investment Funds related to the period of 2014-2040.

Despacho n.º 1506/2014. D.R. n.º 21, Série II de 2014-01-30

Determines the creation of a working group with the purpose of identifying and promoting measures of administrative and regulatory simplification with the intention to incorporate future regulation of structural European investments funds in Portugal for the next period (2014-2020).