Janaagraha, a Bangalore-based NGO has launched an innovative online forum that will attempt to tackle corruption.

The website, www.ipaidabribe.com, provides a space in which users can anonymously share their experiences of bribery. According to its founders, the website has already had 35,000 hits from 109 countries. 535 users has reported incidences of bribes being paid, whilst 100 had reported attempts to illicit bribes that were not paid.

The website does not target individuals and asks users not to specifically name perpetrators, but instead aims to ascertain which organisations are corrupt in order to bring this to the attention of the general public and those in public office. It also provides information on procedural, legal and administrative issues in order to arm people with enough information to enable them to avoid paying bribes.

Most of the content on the website relates to India (a country ranked only 84th on Transparency International's corruption index) but stories of bribes have also been posted from the UK, US and Saudi Arabia.